We have the kittens 🙂

P Litter – Dessert Litter

At the age of minimum 12-13 weeks, the kittens can leave our house and move in with their new owners.
  •  they are treated against worms,

  •  they have microchips,

  •  twice vaccinations  the cat against FPV (Parvo), FCR (Calici), FHV-1 (Herpes) and/or supplementary vaccinations,

  • a passport EU,

  • a veterinary health certificate,

  • and are socialized by a program of The International Delta Society to take part in the feline therapy.

A sales contract is drafted and signed, and the new owners are given a FIFE pedigree.

We prefer to sell our babies as pets and such babies will be neutered before their departure to new homes.

If a breeder is interested in our baby – he/she must be an owner of an established cattery.

I am also a cat behaviorist and I offer information on the cat biology, behavior and advice on how to keep cats healthy and happy. More information (only in Polish):

Description of status

  • available – the kitten is still looking for a new home; we welcome you to contact us 🙂
  • in evaluation – all kittens are in evaluation until they will be 2 months old, we will not accept deposits until then and we don’t do reservations until they grow a little so we can be as sure as possible which of them are good enough for breed/show, for felinotherapy and which of them are available as neuters for their loving and forever  home; questions are welcome 🙂
  • booked – someone paid the fee for the kitten and is waiting to go to a new home 🙂
  • in new home – the kitten found his/her new family and went living with them already 🙂